Treatments for Scoliosis - Traction Pulling

The treatments for scoliosis involve surgical and non-surgical methods designed to reduce the lateral curvature of the spine. Other treatments for scoliosis involve surgery to change the shape of malformed vertebral bones, and bracing to halt scoliosis before it gets worse. Traction pulling to treat spinal curvature may be aimed at eliminating an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine or restoring a normal cervical or lumbar curvature to an optimal angle for normal functioning. Traction pulling may be an appropriate alternative for people when bracing has failed and who want to avoid surgery at all costs. Traction pulling is considered an uninvasive method to gradually and gently bring the spine into a normal alignment. Traction pulling is designed to gently change the shape of the spine while it is in a decompressed state. When this treatment is done correctly, it will be painless, and your spine will show gradual improvements towards bringing you better health.

The traction pulling device at centers such as the Scoliosis Correction Center ( is a scoliosis traction chair. This traction chair does three things at once to promote healing to correct the shape of the spine.
  1. The cervical region of the spine is decompressed.
  2. The rotational abnormality of the spine is addressed.
  3. Cervical and lumbar traction is applied to move the spine into proper position.
If you go to the Scoliosis Correction Center website, you will be able to see the traction chair and patients being treated in them. In these pictures, you can see that the patients are in a semi seated position, with all the weight being taken off the vertebral so that it will be in a relaxed position to be gently repositioned. The patients head is being held up with a traction pulley from above, and there are pads under their arms, under their bottoms at a 45 degree angle, and under their feet. The patient is in a semi-seated position with the seat cushion in a 45 degree angle. From the picture, you can see that the person is in a semi-standing (or semi-seated position), to take away the weight of their body from compressing their spine. This puts the patient's spine in a gentle environment to be molded or shaped into a more normal curvature. This center is well established in the industry, and they report excellent results. This traction pulling device may be available at a specialized clinic, and some may even be available for home use.

Patients who have used this device have reported some improvement after periods as early as two weeks, and even greater improvements after as little as a few months. Patients and their families with abnormal curvatures should research this method before considering any type of surgery. The potential benefits are wonderful, and there are little risks or making your scoliosis worse. This traction chair has been able to provide lasting benefits to patients with lateral curvatures as severe as 35 degrees and above. There is still hope out there for those who do not want to live the rest of their life with a rod in their back.