Treatment for Scoliosis: Scoliosis Traction Chair

A scoliosis traction chair is designed to take all the weight and pressure off the spine while simultaneously using lateral straps to move the spine into a proper position. Think of this device as braces for the back. Just like braces, this device is designed to slowly bring the vertebra into a proper vertical alignment, and to eliminate a lateral curvature. The person being treated takes a semi-seated position in the chair and their head and arms are held up in such a manner that no effort is being made to remain in that position. The person remains in a semi-seated position so that no weight compression is being applied to the lumbar or cervical groups. The person's head is held up and remains in place by an overhead pole that a neck brace is hung from. This neck brace is a bell-shaped strap that goes around the ears and under the chin. This head device keeps any weight pressure from being applied to the cervical spine. The patient's arms rest at a 90 degree angle to their torso under pads to take any weight pressure off the cervical/thoracic area. The arm pads are located at the top of two posts that are parallel to the patient's body. From each post one or more bands can be adjusted to wrap around the patients body. The specialists who have analyzed and X-Rayed (or MRI/CT) the patient's spine will determine the correct positioning of the bands to try to bring the spine into a proper alignment. For more pictures of this device, you should visit on the Vibe For Health web page.

Continuous traction devices such as the scoliosis traction chair involves the sequential use of recumbency, traction, casts, braces, exercises and operations to gently and non-invasively bring the spine back into a proper alignment. The scoliosis traction chair is designed to provide stabilization to the posterior thoracic rib arch while simultaneously incorporating de-rotation, de-compression, and lateral traction to the spine. The chair also isolates the trunk rotator muscles ipsilaterally to isometrically strengthen and rehabilitate the weakened core muscles. To summarize, this traction system can mold your spine and body into a more natural shape while rebuilding your core muscles in two 30 minute sessions each day. reports a greater success rate with the scoliosis traction chair and treatment program than any back brace currently on the market. Also to consider, back braces must be worn 24/7 while the traction chair only requires one hour of your time each day.

Patients must consult a doctor before applying this device and program for home use, as every patient has a different body and curvature of their spine. The device, though quite large will fit in most homes, provided the ceilings are tall enough. The scoliosis traction chair will be used in conjunction with other therapies in order to first re-establish a proper curvature of the spine, and then to maintain it. The scoliosis traction chair and therapy protocol will be added to a patient's treatment plan after restoration of the normal spine curves.