Back Pain Treatment - Gravity Boots

Gravity Boots and associated apparatus are one type of inversion therapy that are available for home use. A gravity boots system will be similar to a ski boots and skis. In a ski system, you will put on a ski boot especially designed to clip onto a ski. In a gravity boots system, you will put on a boot especially designed to fasted onto a horizontal bar that is connected to a free standing apparatus or horizontal bar that is secured to hang from a doorway. There are potential benefits and cons to both types of systems in terms of price, ease of use, and the space that each type of apparatus takes up in your house. The type of system you use may depend on your comfort level with inversion therapy, and how much space that you have in your house.

The inversion table and gravity boots both have the same function: to hang upside down or at an inverted angle in order to stretch the muscles and soft tissues of the back.

There are pros and cons to each type of inversion device mentioned in this article, and the type of technology that you choose for your home may depend on what your specific needs are and what you feel comfortable with. Here are some pros for using an inversion table as compared to a gravity boots system.
  • With the inversion table, you could adjust the device to various angles if you were scared or uncomfortable with hanging completely upside down. With a gravity boots system, you would be hanging completely upside down while in a passive state.
  • An inversion table would be a stand alone device, meaning you would not be required to put it in a doorway or screw it into anything.

Gravity boots inversion therapy systems do have some benefits over inversion tabled. for example, a gravity boots system can be used for other purposed other than spinal decompression. People have used this type of device for core body strengthening. While hanging upside down, a person had a lot of freedom of movement to move back and forth and to a lesser extent, side to side. While hanging in an inverted position, people using this device can do various abdominal exercises to improve core body strength. The horizontal bars on the doorway inversion can also be used as a chin-up bar with comfortable foam hand grips.

One example of gravity boots that are available for home use include the Teeter Hang Ups Spyder Gravity Boots from Teeter (

Both the gravity boot system and inversion therapy system are similar in terms of clinical benefits. Both systems are designed to relieve pressure on the discs and nerve roots, which in turn allows discs to recover lost moisture and to return to their original shape. In terms of ease of use, the inversion therapy is easier to get into and out of. In terms of comfort level, the gravity boots system may be more comfortable for some people. Personally, using the inversion therapy table hurt my feet when I would use it. With the gravity boots, the pressure caused by a complete inversion was spread out over the entire foot, and I did not feel as much pressure on the front of the foot as I felt when using the inversion table.