The Benefits and Risks of Injections

Though the risks and side effects associated with pain injections such as the facet neurotomy, sacroiliac joint block, prolotherapy and trigger point injections are low, they are there, and we will mention some of them here. There are some risks associated with all medications or any non-natural drugs we put in our body. For many patients, the potential benefits outweigh the potential risks, and that is why the most effective of these treatments are still in regular use today.

Just like medications you take orally, injections can carry risks. The risks vary by the procedure used to deliver the medications, and by the medications themselves. Some of the risks are associated with repeated use of the same medication to the same area of the body, as repeated doses of steroids to one area of the body can eventually cause destruction of the bone or joint tissue. Some of the risks are associated with the act of inserting the needle into the body. The insertion of the needle poses the risk of infection, however small. The insertion of the needle itself may also cause a temporary condition known as a spinal headache when the needle punctures the dura, causing spinal fluid to leak. Specific symptoms of this temporary condition known as a spinal headache include an actual headache, nausea, and a heightened sensitivity, and a worsening of both of these symptoms when a patient attempts to sit up. The insertion of the needle itself may cause a spinal headache related to the puncture of the dural sac. Other risks associated with the needle insertion include infection, nerve damage, or bleeding, although these complications are rare. Before determining if injections are the appropriate treatment for you, you should consult with your doctor before determining if you want to move forward with this type of procedure.

Thus far, we mostly mentioned the short term risks of injections. Again, the risks and side effects associated with these injections are rare, and those that are experienced will likely go away in a few days. Infections occur once in ever 1,000 to 10,000 procedures.

Lumbar Epidural steroid Injection Sid4e Effects. Some side effects from lumbar epidural steroid injections include cataracts, severe arthritis of the hip, elevated blood glucose levels, insomnia as night, and an amplification of pain in the original affected area (the original site of pain symptoms).

Benefits. Though all surgeries should be taken seriously, even minor ones such as pain injections, the risks are relatively rare. Before I go on, talking you out of getting this procedure, you should consider the potential benefits as well. Injections have helped many patients to get through their physical therapy programs, where they wouldn't have been able to without it. Patients who undergo physical therapy programs often have to endure physically demanding weight lifting and positioning exercises despite recovering from a surgical operation and physically being in a lot of pain. for some patients, the pain is just too great to hold certain physical therapy positions or to be able to increase their workouts to the point where they are able to build up strength in their abdominal and back muscles. These injections may potentially be able to provide patients with months or relief from debilitating back pain, and enable patients to continue their physical therapy program with a minimal amount of discomfort.